Shakers & Bottles

Here you can find all our shakers and bottles. Thoroughly thought out products, designed to have a long durability, not leak in the bag and be easy to use. The category includes shakers and bottles from GASP as well as Better Bodies. Each product has the same uncompromising design and athletic look that each brand has come to be known for.

BB Sport bottle View product options

BB Sport bottle

Stay hydrated at the gym with the Better Bodies Sport Bottle. Lightweight material with an easy to use, one hand design.
Better Bodies
Fitness Shaker View product options

Fitness Shaker

Multipurpose shaker cup, designed for your everyday Better Bodies Lifestyle. The Fitness Shaker is freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe.
Better Bodies
GASP Shaker View product options

GASP Shaker

GASP Shaker is a robust shaker for your protein shakes, gainers and water. It can hold 700 ml of liquid and is labeled for accurate measures.
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Fulton bottle

Fulton bottle
Better Bodies
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