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Under this category we have collected gloves and belts from Better Bodies. Robust accessories that allows you to perform at your highest level every workout. Each product is treated by hand and made with strong materials for a long durability and a high functionality. With inspiration from some of the most renowned profiles in the training industry, we strive to create products that meets each of the demands dedicated athletes have on their training gear.

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Basic gym gloves

Better Bodies Basic Gym Gloves has a double Amara constructed palm with foam padding for a good grip. Adjustable Velcro closing for best fit.
Better Bodies
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Womens train gloves

The Better Bodies Womens Train Gloves are durable weightlifting gloves that keeps your hands protected and your grip firm.
Better Bodies
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Womens gym belt

With inspiration from our best-selling Basic Gym Belt, the Better Bodies Womens Gym belt is anatomically shaped and offers great support.
Better Bodies

Regular Price: 34.90€

Special Price 24.90€

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Camo gym belt

Camo Gym Belt is an anatomically shaped lifting belt with a close, comfortable fit. It has a cool Better Bodies logo embroidery on the back.
Better Bodies
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Pro lifting gloves

Pro Lifting Gloves are ergonomic weightlifting gloves from Better Bodies. Professional grip, superior durability and a great fit.
Better Bodies
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Pro gym gloves

Pro Gym Gloves are built for serious Better Bodies athletes. They feature a two layered stretch-spandex nylon back for a comfortable fit.
Better Bodies
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Basic gym belt

Anatomical neoprene belt for a great back support. Better Bodies Basic Gym Belt has a wide front and is contour shaped at the ribs and hip.
Better Bodies
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Pro wristwrap gloves

Better Bodies Pro Wristwrap Gloves are a high quality combination of ergonomic weightlifting gloves and strong and durable wrist wraps.
Better Bodies
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Pro lift belt

The Better Bodies Pro Lifting Belt offers maximum support during heavy gym sessions. Anatomical shaped with an extra wide backside.
Better Bodies
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Weight lifting belt

Better Bodies Weight Lifting Belt offers great support during heavy lifts. It’s made of genuine leather with a soft suede inner lining.
Better Bodies
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Lifting belt 6 inch

Made out of 100% leather, the Better Bodies Lifting Belt 6 inch provides superior support and protection during heavy workouts.
Better Bodies
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