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In this category you can find sport tops from Better Bodies. Comfortable tops for dedicated athletes that lives the Better Bodies Lifestyle, day in and day out. Each product is made out of strong and durable materials and treated by hand. They are designed so you won’t have to choose between a stylish design and a high functionality. Each and every top have a feminine shape that highlights your athletic physique and the hard work that lies behind it.

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High line short top View product options

High line short top

Fresh sport top with an athletic look. Better Bodies High Line Short Top is made out of a flexible and comfortable blended fabric. 

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Athlete short top View product options

Athlete short top

Better Bodies Athlete Short Top combines a cool design with a high functionality. It has a detail seam at front for a feminine look.

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Fitness short top View product options

Fitness short top

Better Bodies Fitness Short Top is a stylish, light support sport top with a design that highlights your physique. 

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Astoria short top View product options

Astoria short top

Astoria Short Top is a short performance top from Better Bodies. It’s made out of a comfortable, moisture wicking compression fabric.

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Sports bra View product options

Sports bra

Lightweight, mid-impact sports bra that supports a full range of motion. Sports Bra has a small Better Bodies print on the left hand side.

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Chelsea halter View product options

Chelsea halter

Medium support halter top made in a moisture wicking fabric. Better Bodies Chelsea Halter has a cool look loaded with attitude.

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High intensity bra View product options

High intensity bra

Click. Zip. Go! Better Bodies High Intensity Bra is the perfect bra for intense sessions. Maximum support and good moisture absorption.

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